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faves up close…


Today is an exciting day in Mary & Martha land.  However, products go SUPER FAST.  Especially those that are on a super deal.  I am highlighting some of my customer favorites this morning.  You can contact me directly to order for additional savings on shipping.  AND, with a $50 order you can get this vase for $8…


Now for some up close and personal deals of the SEMI-ANNUAL SALE…

10383661_572645432844196_883306048181793093_n 10402046_572645622844177_1525988868660081896_n 10420215_572644692844270_938474614859272966_n 10455833_572645069510899_4570050009197285844_n 10516710_572645139510892_5434367475960153516_n

Blessings Door Bucket–Retail $48–get it NOW for $24!!

Silent Witness Cross–Retail $63–get it NOW for $18!!!! (SUPER DEAL)

HOME Tray–Retail $96–get it NOW for $25!! (a hostess FAVE!)

Clock–Retail $94–get it NOW for $47 (love mine!)

Micah 6:8 Plaque–Retail $49–get it NOW for $24 (this is already on low inventory so act fast if you love it!)


Much more is included on the sale.  Including all of the paper bakeware!  Happy Shopping!!

your sneak peek!


There’s nothing quite like a sale. Believe me, I know!

Take a look at what is being offered below. Ordering begins Friday morning for just a couple of weeks. If you love it–chances are, others do too and you don’t want to wait to order!

My faves…

Tears in a Bottle are back!!! I can not tell you enough how many times this has blessed someone in my life and my customer’s lives. I LOVE them.

Blessings Door Bucket—this has always been a fave at gatherings. Simply change out your arrangements for each season. I have loved seeing these around town on people’s homes.

Paper Bakeware!!! I can’t wait to stock up with this super low price.

Happy Shopping!!!







It has taken all I have in me to get on this computer.  I don’t know what it is.  The week without easy internet access and phone access?  Maybe.

We were given a gift.  A gift of seeing part of the country we would most likely not have planned for ourselves (at least not at this time in our lives).  Cruising to Alaska was nothing short of amazing.  I can not begin to say what our favorite part was.  It was all beautiful.  Whales and in particular–a bubble net feeding, which is significantly rare to see.  Ten whales working together to capture their food.  Steve got it on video and maybe we can post it.  Wow!  Canoeing in a dark lake nestled between a mountain range, salmon bakes in the mountains, jeeping through the wet rainforest while it rained, a peaceful day floating around Glacier Bay—while we watched parts of a glacier fall to the water and dodged blocks of ice floating amongst the waters, sea gulls begging for food, sea lions perched, bald eagles flying above, and two bears living it up on a mountain range with out a care in the world that we were giddy to get a picture.  It was if they were saying “what is the big deal?  I’m a bear–take my pic!”



Perhaps most memorable was the side effects of our scopolamine patches we used to combat sea sickness.  The patch did its job.  We were not really feeling nauseated or woozy.  BUT, we did have a side affect that neither of us knew would be a side effect.  Both of us were experiencing a significant dry mouth–which we were alerted to might happen.  But the blurred and double vision.  Oh the blurred and double vision!  Neither of us a clue.  So, after wasting 3 pair of perfectly good contacts believing I had purchased a bad batch, and Steve with angst over a preconceived looming tumor behind his right eye, we finally decided it was worth the $$ to do a search on side effects.  And you know what?  Blurred and double vision was right there.  Although we could hardly read it off the ipad without holding it significantly out in front of us.  We ripped those patches off so quickly and suffered the remainder of 12 hours with dilated pupils.  Pretty miserable if you were trying to read anything.  But our far sighted vision was great! (and interesting we were the only ones experiencing these symptoms—and BOTH of us?)


Leaving behind our kids was the hardest.  I think they may have had a vacation themselves right here in their own backyard!  Thankful for those who took amazing care of them and helped ease our anxiety of being gone for a week—and with limited connections.  Never did I realize so clearly how much I rely on texting and constant communication.  Until it wasn’t there.  Hard to describe—almost a helpless feeling.  I did not need to know my kids’ every move—although I really wanted to know.  I did not have to make every decision or give my opinion on what they were or were not doing—although, I really wanted to.  And amazing to me, how less important social media and emails became.  They can wait.  We realized that WE are the ones who put the pressure on ourselves—being “in the know” of everything at all times.  We realized we didn’t have to be.

Experiences were happening without us there.  And for me?  That was super hard.  I wanted to know every detail…



And we realized that sometimes “disconnecting” is the only way to really “reconnect”.


he is his daddy’s boy…


I got to take Landon grocery shopping—just me and him–a little one on one time. Always amazes me how good that time is with each of our kids—and how they crave it, being a child of four.

We got a lot of groceries. And he was concerned over the total bill. Meanwhile, he says “mom, you really should start couponing.” What?!

He proceeds to tell me I would save a lot of money.

And. With certain coupon savings, you can get a free basketball.

decisions, decisions…


Rockabilly. 80’s hair band. Tipping the 90’s. Sign of the times.

I have been consumed with a “prom through the decades” event happening in just one month!!!

I really have some of the most awesome friends and people who are willing to help me out. I’ve been trying on prom dresses after prom dresses—and many more yet to come.

Themed parties are my love language. Now to just find the one.

I do know, however, what will NOT be the one…

Which decade should I go with? Getting closer to a decision…I think.



not your typical date night…


After 24 years of dating, I can honestly say, we’ve never had a date night such as this…

Our mode of transportation? A John Deere gator.

Just us and a few hundred cows, a few dozen gators, too many mud holes, and a serious amount of dirt in our faces. I mean seriously, I was all dolled up for our evening out…


Ha! Steve told me I had some dirt on my face and I asked him “where?” Apparently, that was quite funny.

A Gator Rally sponsored by PrairieLand Partners which raised over $31,000 for the Emporia community —specifically Big Brothers Big Sisters, a Child Advocacy program and more.

After dining in the Flint Hills, we’d do it again. But I’m still anxious for my shower!


my kitchen was clean, so…


I have been in my kitchen and laundry room ALL day long.  I am in preparation mode for our schedule the next week.  And I’m really trying to stock my freezer with meals.  And Tonya posted a yummy looking Mexican recipe and I had the majority of the ingredients–so it was a SCORE!!  Check out the recipe HERE-–the fam loved it!  And there’s a whole extra meal that’s jumping in the freezer for another time.  Love it when that happens.  Thanks for the yummy recipe, Tonya!


So after being in the kitchen and running my dishwasher umpteen times, washing pans that didn’t fit, and rewashing–I got my kitchen clean.  And do you know what happens when I get my kitchen clean?  I become a kitchen nazi and do not want anything to mess it up.  Like that is reality living with four children… HA!


What? No paper plates? Mary & Martha to the rescue!!!



Do you believe things sometime taste extra special depending on what they’re served in? Do you believe in the power of having fun? Building your own taco?



I do. And I believe I needed to see this blessing today on these Mary & Martha food trays. No—I wouldn’t have been doing laundry and cooking all day without these people. Ever so blessed is right.

keepin’ it simple.


Meaningful entertaining…made simple. That’s what it is. And let me tell you, after the past few nights of being called in to work, simple is where it had to be for me, in every sense of the word.

Now, my house is definitely looking like mom has been out of commission. Likewise, my fridge is near empty. Just ask my family. So, a family BBQ invite was so very welcomed last night. But what to make with an empty fridge?

For Kassidy’s 8th grade promotion party she requested sliders and Mac and cheese. Well if you know me, I wanted to incorporate Mary & Martha paper bakeware any time I can because I have a mild love affair with it. So, despite the angst of my mother who did not think baking her homemade Mac and cheese would work in the large cups, I gave it a try. And it baked up awesome! I just made sure to have adequate half and half so they did not dry out as they baked. And they were just too darn cute.


Mac and cheese was requested at the BBQ tonight. And the new Mary & Martha summer exclusive wooden tray we are selling from Dayspring held all of those cups so nicely!


Gotta love simple, right? Yes, I do!

Come take a look!


You are invited to…

a Mary & Martha Summer Exclusive~~~~



THURSDAY, JUNE 12th at 10:00 am

at my home

If you’re anything like me, “seeing is believing”—right?  Well, you are in luck, because some of the favorites just arrived.  Not only do I want you to come take a look, I’d love to chit chat with you over some coffee and muffins!  It’s our kickoff to Mary & Martha summer time fun!


Here’s your first sneak peek.  I am loving the bag.